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Travel Destinations

In general, our rates are based on $250/hr running time and $125/hr standby time for up to 12 guests...(Negotiable with varying circumstances).

Below are some estimates for basic tours, so you can calculate your trip cost.
For a custom package; larger groups; or meals, please contact us for an estimate, tailored to your needs.




Explore Jedediah

Day trip: 5-6  hrs

Overnight Trip 10-12 hrs

Salish Sea Boating Tours - jedediah_21.j



Explore Lasqueti Island


5 - 6 hrs


Salish Sea Boating Tours -



Explore the Texada Island


Call. for details



Explore the Thormanby Island

and or Secret Cove

Approx 8hrs

Salish Sea Boating Tours - thormanby isl


​Explore the Pender Harbour

Approx 8-10 hrs

Overnight recommended


Explore the Princess Louisa on a 3 day excursion.

This is 18 hrs travel time so 3 days is needed for a relaxing cruise

Salish Sea Boating Tours - princess loui


​Explore Tribune Bay on Hornby Island

6 hrs trip

Salish Sea Boating Tours - hornby_2.jpg


​Explore Lund Harbor & Savory Island on a 3 day excursion.

13 hrs travel time

Salish Sea Boating Tours - lund_2.jpg


​Explore Desolation Sound

on a 3 or 4 day excursion.

Approx 24 hrs travel

We recommend 4 days min to experience this incredibly vast and beautiful Marine Park

Salish Sea Boating Tours - Desolation So


​Explore Toba Inlet on a 4 day excursion.



​Explore Bute Inlet on a 4 day excursion.


Salish Sea Boating Tours - Scenery_2.jpg
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