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Princess Louisa


Princess Louisa Inlet

Arguably one of the most picturesque inlets on the BC coast, Princess Loiusa boasts dozens of spectacular waterfalls - some over 1000 feet high!

It's a fantastically scenic 9 hr journey from French Creek, culminating with a serene dock near the awesomely fierce Chatterbox Falls!


Take 4 days and have the trip of a lifetime, exploring all the beautiful inlets along the way and enjoy mouth-watering fresh-caught seafood dinners!

Works well with a stop over in Pender Harbour or Eggmont, to break up the trip.

Princess Louisa Inlet on the British Columbia Coast is 6 kilometres (3.7 mi) in length and lies at the north east end of Jervis Inlet.[1] It is entered through Malibu Rapids off Queens Reach past Malibu, a former private resort and now youth camp. A portion of the area makes up Princess Louisa Marine Provincial Park. James Bruce Falls and Chatterbox Falls are on Loquilts Creek, a large stream that enters the head of the inlet.

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