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Texada Island


Texada Island

Enjoy a day of beachcombing and treasure hunting on the many beautiful beaches and bays of Texada...

Have a picnic and a glass of wine under some majestic arbutus trees and watch the cruise ships go by!

Texada was named by the Spanish naval explorer José María Narváez for Felix de Tejada, a Spanish rear-admiral[2] during the 1791 expedition of Francisco de Eliza. Narváez gave the name Isla de Texada to what is now called Lasqueti Island, and Islas de San Felix to Texada Island. The maps made by Eliza and Juan Carrasco in late 1791 moved the name "Texada" to the present Texada Island.[3] The pioneer steamer SS Beaver would often stop at Texada Island to load up on wood and freshwater in its travels up the coast. At the time of Confederation the north end of the island became a fishing outport. For a few years, humpback whales were flensed on the beach, giving the place the epithet of Blubber Bay. Grey Whales migrating from California to Alaska pass by Texada Island.

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