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Pender Habor


Pender Harbour

"Miami of the North", this bustling harbour is a boaters's dream...most residences have the luxury of their own boat and dock.

A great place to go for lunch or dinner at one of the many restaurants. The Grasshopper Pub is one of our favorite. If you prefer fine dinning, the Painted Boat is also boat-accessible.

Pender Harbour is a great place for an overnight trip - as there is plenty to see and do and it does take about 3.5 to 4 hrs to get there...This would give you time to take in Jedediah or Thormanby on the way...


Pender Harbour is a harbour on British Columbia's Sunshine Coast, on the east side of Malaspina Strait.[1] The harbour is an intricate amalgam of bays and coves that encroach inland for five kilometres and provide over sixty kilometres of shoreline. Once a steamer stop, a fishing village, and an important logging and medical waypoint,[2] it is now an unincorporated community within the Sunshine Coast Regional District

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